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  1. MsOf10 Re: [EXCEL VBA] warehouse system

    not enough information

    post a sample workbook here, rather than a hosted image
    zip workbook first
  2. MsOf03 Re: MS Word 2003 Stop Responding When Opened With Application

    if the templates are in a virtualized location it may cause an issue??

    as you have not shown the code to open/ automate the word application, hard to guess
    possibly word is displaying some dialog...
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    Re: [Acess] Debugging

    the code should always stop when the breakpoint is reached, when one is set, regardless of how it is called to run
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    MsOf10 Re: Question about VBA process speed

    that is why it is always quicker to assign a range of values to a 2D array for processing largish datas
  5. MsOf10 Re: Command Buttons Possibly Rendered Inoperative by Microsoft Updates?

    if you are not sure, just rename instead, then can undo
    as they are in temp folders it is unlikely they will be an issue if removed

    having now read part of the information in the link, it seems...
  6. Re: Bulk / Mass - Find and Copy from Excel to Word w

    yes as long as your macro security levels allow running of macros, but note a macro is code

    what versions of word and excel are you ruinning?

    if you post some sample data, and a desired...
  7. MsOf10 Re: Command Buttons Possibly Rendered Inoperative by Microsoft Updates?

    you could try some stuff, such as a new workbook /document, add a button with some test code

    do the procedures /macros start at all when the buttons clicked?
    what command buttons are you using?...
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    Re: Dialog box for user defined range

    you need to specify the worksheet, if it is not the activesheet

    try like

    Set rngUserDefinedRange = sheets("mysheet").range(Application.InputBox( _
    prompt:=prompt, _
    title:=title, _...
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    Re: Msgbox keeps popping up

    maybe that should be

    dead.enabled = false
  10. MsOf10 Re: Trying to download attachments from outlook

    you could try changing this bit

    For Each olItem In SubFolder.Items
    If olItem.UnRead Then
    ' MsgBox olItem.Subject & vbLf & "has " &...
  11. Re: Excel VBA Function to Define Range on Worksheet

    to get the last row try like, change column to suit

    with sheets("mysheet")
    lastrow = .cells(.rows.count, 1).end(xlup).row
    end with

    or to set a range, based on last used cells in column A...
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    MsOf10 Re: Excel hangs on workbook open

    what is in workbook open?
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    Re: [Access] macro programminbg

    for total security, never turn computer on, guaranteed never get virus, otherwise live in the real world where viruses exist and just take reasonable precautions

    most virus scanners, will detect...
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    Re: olItem changing to Nothing

    i have seen a similar post before and believe it is some issue with outlook

    google produced more information
  15. Re: Programmatically auto select an Excel table in Visual Basic in an Add-In - Except

    try like

    Dim table_All As Excel.Range = currentCell.CurrentRegion
  16. Re: Something is wrong export image to excel

    you can try like

    Dim s As Worksheet
    Set s = objwb.Sheets("blad1")
    With s.Range("a3")
    s.Shapes.AddPicture App.Path & "\test.bmp", msoFalse, msoCTrue, .Left, .Top, .Width, .Height
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    Re: Printing the same Recordset Twice

    i would assume so, but without seeing the code you are using??
  18. Re: INTERNET.EXPLORER Why is it not working?

    on testing, it would appear that changing to

    Dim ie As SHDocVw.InternetExplorer
    Private Sub Command1_Click()
    Set ie = New SHDocVw.InternetExplorer
    ie.Navigate ""
  19. Re: VBA code to select the first shape in the current active paragraph in MS Word 201

    you can try like

    selection.paragraphs(1).shapes(1).selectas i do not run word 2013 i can not test if it works in that version
  20. Re: Macro - works in Powerpoint in Windows not Mac

    go back to windows

    without knowing what is in the macro there is no answer to this question

    what actually happens when the macro is called? error? wrong result?
  21. Re: INTERNET.EXPLORER Why is it not working?

    what version of internet explorer do you have?

    later versions use ieframe.dll not shdocvw.dll
    this would probably give the issue you have
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    Re: CDO.Messaging not sending to SMS Address

    that was going to be my next suggestion, there are many examples in this forum for using gmail with CDO
    a recent thread discussed gmails increased server security, so you may need to read that as...
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    Re: CDO.Messaging not sending to SMS Address

    i have no problem sending to phonenumber based email addresses using CDO
    possibly your isp may be blocking it for some reason
  24. Re: VBA code to extract informations from HTML files

    you would be better to parse the document as an htmlDocument, looking at the elements by tag name, rather than a text document, line input is not the fastest method of loading a textfile
  25. MsOf10 Re: GetText from textbox on another application

    i did some testing a short time ago

    Declare Function EnumChildWindows Lib "user32.dll" (ByVal hWndParent As _
    Long, ByVal lpEnumFunc As Long, ByVal lParam As Long) As Long
    Declare Function...
  26. Re: Saving Emails to a network folder using a macro

    you need to put the entire code as in post #2, just update the 2 lines in post #4

    you need to change the line that assigns the value to mypath, so that it includes the call to the function as in...
  27. Re: Saving Emails to a network folder using a macro

    depends what else is in the module
    if there are any declare subs or function, global variables or constants they should be at the top
    if you just have procedures (subs or functions) then that is...
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    MsOf10 Re: Change the date format

    where does it crash?
    the line as posted appears correct and tests ok
  29. Re: VBA code to extract informations from HTML files

    what code do you have now?
    what errors are you getting when a crash occurs?
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    Re: Excel 2010 VBA Expiration Message

    if there are many rows, looping through all cells could be slow
    is there a column with unique values?

    for a large data, you can try like this using ADO

    Dim cn As Connection, rs As Recordset,...
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    Re: Excel 2010 VBA Expiration Message

    you want a message for each row? or some report of number of expired rows?
  32. Re: Saving Emails to a network folder using a macro

    what error?

    where do you have it?

    r = Dir(root & Format((job \ 100) * 100, "0000") & "*", vbDirectory)
    If (GetAttr(root & r) And vbDirectory) And Len(r) > 0 Then
    change these line, i...
  33. Re: Automation of Excel sheet using VBA through Microsoft Outlook

    that is actually automation of outlook from excel

    in either case this in not really the correct forum, i will request this thread moved
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    Re: Word Macro error

    try adding

    .matchfuzzy = false
  35. Thread: Outlook VBA

    by westconn1

    MsOf10 Re: Outlook VBA

    does the itemadd event run at all?

    maybe stick a messagebox at the start, just so you can see if it is fired

    Set Msg = Item
    msgbox msg.sendername

    if there is an error raised in the code,...
  36. Re: Saving Emails to a network folder using a macro

    yes of course?

    but your sample value is out of that range

    Function getpath(root As String, job As String) As String
    r = Dir(root & Format(job \ 100 * 100, "0000") & "*", vbDirectory)

  37. Thread: Outlook VBA

    by westconn1

    MsOf10 Re: Outlook VBA

    i doubt it

    it would be beneficial to have more information, like the code of the macro
    does outlook run continuously or is it shutdown each day?
    does the code use any global or withevent...
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    Re: open and close Workbok in sequence....

    how do you open the workbooks?
    are you doing this from someother macro or script?

    open the next workbook from the code in predecessor?

    put the workbook names into an array in order

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    Re: PowerPoint Headers and Footers

    i know nothing about powerpoint, but you could try

    else put a break point on that line and check in the locals window all the properties of sld, drill down to...
  40. Re: Programming Text and Picture into header into a Word Document

    set the wrapformat of the shape, to allow text to wrap appropriately
    check help or online to find the constants used
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