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  1. Re: Want to learn some features of wordpress

    Well, I'd suggest looking up on the official site/forums
  2. Re: Dont display my logged in username

    You should consider adding a column that displays if the user is online or not. and then you should add a column that is a boolean example "hide_from_list" so if it's 1, it should not show...

  3. Re: Put file .EXE online for Auto Update purpose

    I guess there is no good or proper solution for this. I would suggest leaving it on any file sharing site (dropbox???), where you then get the links for the updates from a free hosted website,...
  4. Re: Width of Span Not Setting and Style Elements After Checkbox Checked

    You cannot set width of span because of its "display" setting... change the display of the span to inline-block, to change its width.

    And for the second problem:

    Maybe some of the answers here...
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    Re: Holiday Entitlement ?

    Not mad as in having a laugh at it :D
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    Re: Holiday Entitlement ?

    I am doing a lot of brainfarting lately, and mixing capitalism and liberalism is not the worst thing that has happened. I am not even mad.
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    Re: Holiday Entitlement ?

    Yes I was thinking about the free market. *facepalm*
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    Re: Holiday Entitlement ?

    I may have lost my formulation in translation. Sorry about that. What I meant is that, the politics in US is primarily liberalism. I was simply referring to the politics.
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    Re: Holiday Entitlement ?

    You should consider that US is run by a liberal government, while all of those other countries are socialist countries.

    I live in Denmark, and I am a student... I get students loans, but it's...
  10. Re: PHP's eval() construct safety question

    Thanks for the reply. That pretty much answered my questions. I'm going to mark this as resolved now. I will use eval for now, but later I will see if I can write my own routine as you suggested. I'm...
  11. [RESOLVED] PHP's eval() construct safety question

    The way people talk about eval, makes it seem like eval is supposed to be avoided, and to be used under no circumstance. So what makes this construct any different from using mysql queries?

    Can a...
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    Re: Just wanted to say hi to everyone.

    Hello, and welcome back.

    To those wondering about who beats the oldest join date... I guess this guy does, with the userid of 1.
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    Re: CSS line repeat

    You don't at all provide enough information to work with...

    I assume the image file is the cause of that line.

    To make it not repeat, you have to use
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    Re: Different results for PHP and MySQL

    Here's something that may help you understand why you get an incorrect result:

    "The behaviour of mysqli_num_rows() depends on whether buffered or unbuffered result sets are being used. For...
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    Re: Login & Logout problem

    I meant you should register on the official phpbb community and ask your question there, because the people there will be more experienced on this specific subject.
  16. Re: PHP Post Variable Not working after adding JavaScript

    You have a typo in the code below, also you must assign action:

    <Form action="" method="Posr">

    You can use the code below to submit a form... MyForm is the form id.

  17. Re: Images from left to right inside a table

    you are assigning the float:left; to "#full .gallery-item" (which is, as I interpret the code, the image container), instead of assigning it to the actual image ("#full .gallery-item img")... why?
  18. Sticky: Re: Code examples for Mobile Development and Development environment download info

    I know this topic is old, but it is still a sticky... the first link under code examples is outdated. it does not exist anymore.
  19. Re: User selects # of records to show / page

    I cannot help you with ASP code... but if I understand you right, what you are trying is to make the user able to change how many records are shown per page, just like this forum allows you to change...
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    Re: How to reset $_SERVER variable ?

    I have never tried to make this kind of authentication myself... but isn't it the usual unset()?

    like this?

    if (isset($_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_PW'])) {
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    Re: Canadian Holidays up to 2020

    Now do the rest of the world.
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    Re: shopping cart error help please

    I don't have a direct solution, but I may have a few steps that could help identify the issue...

    Could you add a line to the function product() "print_r($_SESSION);" to see what is actually inside...
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    Re: Login & Logout problem

    I would suggest using the official phpbb forum for this, since we do not know the code used in the functions. I see a lot of html stuff here, but no actual code to make sense out of anything.
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    Re: [SERIOUS] Grammar question...

    I can now put my mind to rest. Thank you.

    ps: I totally missed your "you're" typo until I reread your comment. lol
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    [SERIOUS] Grammar question...

    I ran into a grammatical issue earlier today, and this problem has been bothering me the entire day, and evening... I cannot sleep. PLEASE HELP ME! Which one of the following is correct?

    All the...
  26. Re: Our workplace rules for smokers. Does your office have similar? Are they extreme?

    In Denmark there are laws set in place that prohibit smoking in public areas like workplaces, school places, and other government and public facilities. You're not even allowed to smoke at train...
  27. Re: radius of circumcircle from 3 points formula... can someone explain?

    Yes, that is where I got it from. However, just knowing the formula isn't helping a lot... I still don't understand why. It doesn't make sense to me.
  28. radius of circumcircle from 3 points formula... can someone explain?

    Why is it that this formula works?


    this formula finds the radius of the circumcircle of a triangle (or three points, combining it with...
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    Re: Remove Ads from EVERYWHERE QUICK!

    Wait until the lawsuits begin to stack up. :D
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    Poll: Re: Decisions: To EAT THE PEEL or NOT?

    My grandmother used to peel the orange and put the peel in a jar, and then later use the peel for making jam. I can't exactly remember the process, because when my father explained it to me, I was...
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    Re: Don't think of it as death

    I think of it as another bright light unplugged.... there is no resisting the inevitable... oh snap.
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    Re: CSS is not applying on all Elements

    Although I have no information to work with, I can share my experience with issues getting css to apply to all elements. It's simple really... I disabled adblock and everything worked.
  33. Re: [Serious] Programatically solve equation for x

    I never ran into that problem with the parentheses, however I am going to test unary operators some time this week. I split the formula symbols, and operators in relation to the symbols into...
  34. Re: [Serious] Programatically solve equation for x

    I realized that the thing I have been working on for the past two weeks, is my own expression evaluator, and since Monday, I have been trying to isolate the formula, after I got the expression...
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    Re: Creating Lotus notes account using VB6

    Maybe people would be able to help you if you could explain what it is you need help with.
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    Re: Friday 13th: unlucky for me?

    First thing I thought of when I read that you were going to jump without a parachute...

  37. Re: [Serious] Programatically solve equation for x

    Yep I thought that brute forcing would be easier than explaining the whole logic in solving the equations, and well, it wasn't easiest, because there are too many possible combinations, and the...
  38. [Serious] Programatically solve equation for x

    I am trying to make an application that can solve or isolate an equation. I'm not really sure which language I should proceed with, and I am looking for ideas and suggestions.

    By solving, I mean:...
  39. Thread: You's Stupid

    by Justa Lol

    Re: You's Stupid

    10+9 = 119


    a = 10
    b = 9

    c = abs(a - b) * 10^(abs(floor(ln(a+b))) + a + b

  40. Can someone help me convert this code to

    I'm trying to add a printer, and i found some code, I believe it's in C# and I was hoping for some help converting it to
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