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  1. Re: How to read data in visual basic 6.0 from usb port arduino.

    change arduino code to

    int pin1 = 13;
    int pin2 = 14;
    void setup() {
    pinMode(pin1, INPUT);
    pinMode(pin2, INPUT);
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    paste image on treeview node

    : ) all
    after adding an item to the treeview with an icon from imagelist
    is it possible to paste an image on each node at right hand side of treeview
    one for each node that can also be icons ?...
  3. Re: Obtaining the GPS coordinates from a GPS enabled device

    what sort of gps module are you using does it show as virtual com port ftdi drivers etc ?

    i have a MT3318 usb works well with this code to read the nema sentences

    Private Sub...
  4. Re: ListView DblClick to simulate TreeView node click

    are the index`s same ?

    something like this ?
    MsgBox treeUsers.Nodes.Item(ListView1.SelectedItem.Index)


    add this to form load event
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    Re: Winsock.SecretKnock

    ok this seems to be working on something like

    Private Sub Server_DataArrival(ByVal SckIndex As Integer, ByVal Data As String, ByVal bytesTotal As Long, ByVal RemoteIP As String, ByVal...
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    Re: Winsock.SecretKnock

    the encryption of paswords is sort of secure
    as when you register the log on server
    the username is tied to that one computer
    so he cant log on another computer ....hdserial and a few other...
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    Re: Winsock.SecretKnock

    it is very much like a chat room but for quads/microcomputers so each user can come in open up a com port .....and other users can read live data gps stats /height etc ....from ardunios mine posts...
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    how do you create a winsock server that only lets its own verified clients conect
    i made an attack program for my OWN winsock registration server and sat back and laughed at how easy it was to read...
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    Re: terminate exe

    i think the problem you would have with thinking you need close the exe
    is that you wont know what title it is from taskmanager
    if you shell notepade 4 times each exe name in task manager would...
  10. Re: Sorting a List Box control automatically

    i ve tried translating the words he posted in russian no translaters seem to make head or tale out of the words
    i suspect the op sees russian fonts as he posts
    and we dont becasue he has...
  11. Re: Sorting a List Box control automatically

    couldnt you convert the first character to keycode/character map values

    the first letter of every word ( i suppose there words i cant speak russian)

  12. Re: Visual Basic 6.0 RelayBee Code not executing

    i like the relay bee card was one of the first relay cards i used : )
    put your mb.dll inside this project folder after you download it

    i think the mb.dll relys on the bee.dll being in same...
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    Re: confused in file paths

    @jmsrickland i changed to your code

    If Not mFTP.FTPUploadFile(Trim(File_To_Upload_Path.Caption), Trim(File_To_Upload.Caption)) Then

    and it works when you click the file1 list now : ) thanks ...
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    Re: confused in file paths

    the strange thing is here
    if i select a file from out the incoming folder and send it using comondiag it sends ok
    then if you send a second file by clicking the filebox it send that file though ok...
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    Re: confused in file paths

    hi 4x2 : )
    that still comes back with invalid index error

    ive uploaded the project
    im not sure if you have an ftp upload folder to test it with
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    confused in file paths

    this first routine sets the file names from the commmon diaglog box

    and then uploads just fine

    what i want to do is click a file2 box and upload that file

    but i cant seem to get the...
  17. Re: display Caller Id using Mscomm dosnt Work

    do you have the documents for the modem to check the valid AT commands

    i have a tc35i modem
    For most modems, the string AT#CID=1 will enable Caller ID. On some voice
    based modems the string is...
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    Re: no duplicates/clones

    thats compacted the code alot : ) cheers

    how do i swap over to ado is it just more reliable ?
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    Re: no duplicates/clones

    thanks that may be a better way
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    Re: no duplicates/clones

    ah ok i think ive solved it with this

    If StrComp((rs!User_Name), User_To_Check, vbTextCompare) = 0 Then
    User_Exists_Already = True
    end if
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    no duplicates/clones

    this is the routine im using to check if the name Exists on the database
    the problem im having
    if the name to check is identical ..its lets you register

    so if Rattled_Cage is in the database...
  22. Re: Inverse coordinate system? How?

    take a look at this it lets you move the point of where to start
    and then draw by angles 0-360

    (some one here showed me how cant remember who,,,but thanks again : )

    hope it helps : )
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    Re: get 360 degree from and X and Y

    pretty much stuck and open to any ideas on it
    i never was any good at maths i use a calculator
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    get 360 degree from and X and Y

    ive been trying to work out the values of an X and Y and Return the angle 0-360 of the joystick
    im having no luck in converting them to this angle in ardunio using the Atan funtion

    so i thought...
  25. Re: Shuffle Function in MP3 player

    take a look at this example
    once yourve added all the files to list 1 and selected a track to play
    when the wmp stoped event is triggered at the end of track
    it checks if the box is checked ...
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    Re: POST Headers

    get one of these instead : )
    and send comport commands ...
  27. Re: Mobile Usb Data Connection ( Question )

    look into Rx Tx signals from mobile phones allows you to comunicate with them either wiith an

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    Re: how to create a windows service?

    as long as it flys ? : )
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    Re: how to create a windows service?

    this might help although most of comments are in spanish
  30. Re: Using InStr to Search for Words on Web Page?

    another way without downloading each page is to add Microsoft html object libary >>in Project References

    and use the Function in this

    Private Sub Command1_Click()
    Dim strfindword As...
  31. Re: Is there a way to search a list for an item, then remove it?

    remove the item by index and not the string it looks like

    change yours to

    CustomGameList.RemoveItem iczg

  32. Re: Downloading Files/Text files From a internet address ...

    ive had problems with inet
  33. Re: Downloading Files/Text files From a internet address ...

    i saw this posted a few weeks ago by someone asking the same and ive switched to it

    in formload or behind button

    svrip.Text = URLSource("http://www.mysitesname/svrip.txt")

    and add a...
  34. Re: Creating 50,000 Combinations of numbers 1 to 20, and printing onto Text File?

    have a look here this will give you all possible combinations of a string of letters
    so if you feed it a-t
    and add a routine to give them values a=1 , b = 2 ......t=20
    before it prints what...
  35. Re: Flipping Animation, Family Feud Style?

    i wanted to make a playing card spin too once
    so came up with this
    animated the spin in poser3d and stored images in image list

    wheres the pic of the card you want rotated
  36. Re: READ backward A VERY BIG FILE TXT (approx of lines)

    Shell "sort /R c:/order.txt /o c:/sorted.txt"

    would that help ?
  37. Re: READ backward A VERY BIG FILE TXT (approx of lines)

    where does the VERY BIG FILE TXT come from ?
    cant it be written the correct way around at start ?

    : )
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    Re: Milk Analyzer

    on there site it says

    once there programs displaying the outputs ok
    you could conect using comport

    interesting stuff though i...
  39. Re: Shuffle Function in MP3 player

    take a look at this you might be better off switching to list to play your files
  40. Re: Shuffle Function in MP3 player

    im on media 11
    why not add the mp3 to a listbox and use something like . . . . .

    Private Sub Command1_Click()
    Dim r As Integer
    Dim storeit As String
    r = List1.ListCount - 1
    List1.Visible =...
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